Today’s media landscape can be complicated for even the most sophisticated marketer.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal simplifies advertising and marketing by providing its clients with the most comprehensive portfolio of digital advertising and marketing solutions in Southern Nevada.  By combining the strength of our traditional products with ever-evolving digital solutions, we connect our clients with the right people, with the right message, and the right time.

Owned & Operated

Strategic brand partnerships through “high impact” ad units like Homepage takeovers will increase your brand equity.  Partner websites also have deep market penetration.

Display Advertising

Ads served when you’re connected to the internet on a Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet through apps and websites.

Social Media

Content sharing platforms of users that form virtual communities and networks. Online “playgrounds” and “clubs.”


The science and art of leveraging search terms called “keywords” to rank higher on Search platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Online Classifieds

Online directories and listing can still be one of the most effective digital tactics. Proven verticals like Real Estate, Automotive and RJ Jobs powered by Monster provide a unique audience opportunity.


A direct channel to a consumer’s email inbox will allow you to have a highly personal relationship. 91% of consumers check their email daily.


Media consumption has changed and Video consumption has changed the media. The fastest growing medium on the internet, it will bypass all other forms by 2018.


Large investments in tracking and reporting has lead the industry to create some of the most advanced methods of targeting and reporting to prove ROI.

We’re Good At What We Do

Our digital solutions include the powerful reach of the Review-Journal’s family of news and information websites, along with extended-reach solutions such as programmatic network advertising, strategic mobile targeting, in-app advertising, and video solutions.


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