Brand Publishing

Sponsored Content Program

Sponsored content, also known as native advertising, provides clients with the opportunity to present relevant consumer-oriented content that aligns your brand message with


What is Sponsored Content?  Sponsored content is not advertorial, which is typically brand advertising designed to look like editorial.  Sponsored content is relevant and engaging content that is consistent with the Review-Journals editorial standards, providing readers with a seamless experience.  Your brand benefits by being positioned with quality content that readers engage with.


Getting Started:  Before your campaign begins, a meeting will be scheduled to review the campaign strategy, story themes, and campaign expectations.  This allows us to put all of the pieces together to ensure your campaign runs smoothly. Content, including video, should be compelling and highly shareable; it can be provided by your team or it can be created by ours. To ensure quality, the Review-Journal maintains editorial control of all content and has the right to final approval of all materials; advertorials and press releases will not be accepted.  All sponsored content is coded index, no-follow.


Reporting Metrics:  Unique users, Page views, Time spent on page – reader engagement, Social Shares, Promotional advertising impressions and clicks to content, clicks to advertiser site.

30-day program includes:


  • Publication of (1) custom content piece on
  • Sponsored content lives on in the Brand Publishing section
  • Content can be client-provided or custom content can be created for your brand
  • Content promotion on section front within topic-appropriate featured news section
  • Brand attribution placed at the top of each piece of content
  • Social share capabilities on each piece of content
  • 100% share-of-voice advertising on article page – advertising can be
    lead-generating calls to action
  • 100,000 run-of-site advertising impressions on to promote
    content during posting period.
  • Campaign post-reporting




Sponsored content:

  • Text file is preferred
  • Video can be provided – most video formats accepted
  • Photos can be provided – images should be 1050 x 700, 72dpi
  • Infographics – file weight 100k


Display ad sizes:

  • 970×250, 300×250, 300×600
  • Two sets of creative should be provided
  • Sponsored content promotion – these ads are scheduled on a run-of-site basis and will click through to your content page
  • Sponsored content page advertising – these ads appear on your content page and are used to promote your products and services; ads click through to your website or designated landing page.



  • Content:
  • Client-provided: 3-weeks prior to publication date
  • created: Topic confirmed 6-weeks prior to launch; completed content
    3-weeks prior to publication date
  • Display advertising files or tags:
  • Client-provided: 1-week prior to publication date
  • created: Content elements due 2-weeks prior to launch; final creative files due 1-week prior to publication date.