Connected Device

Streaming video delivers your message to the growing audience of cord-cutters.

Streaming Video Advertising

  • Streaming-ready Smart TVs are in over 50% of U.S. households.  Smart Phone penetration is at 86% and tablet penetration is at 58%.


  • Connected device streaming allows you to target audiences by geography, demographics and content categories.


Connected device streaming TV advertising is served before premium content on leading connected TV solutions, including Hulu and other apps and networks across TV, desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Usage of Hulu and Netflix is growing among Clark County adults while subscriptions to cable TV are declining.


Las Vegas ranks #8 among measured DMAs for owning streaming media players.


Over 3/4 of online users engage with video, and programmatic video is a cost-effective solution that delivers cross-device exposure to target audiences.


  • Same sight, sound and motion experience as traditional TV
  • Reaches multi-taskers as they consume content through multiple devices
  • More measurable and targetable than television – similar audience targeting capabilities as digital display advertising

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, second only to Google and Facebook.  Mobile usage alone reaches more adults during prime time than any cable network does and 68% of YouTube users watched videos to help make purchase buying decisions.