Reach your targeted consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV through premium programmatic experiences, and performance-driven campaigns.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) owned-and-operated network of websites are the most trusted news and information source in the state of Nevada. With the LVRJ, we offer you access to exclusive inventory through our unique programmatic ecosystem across the web, on mobile devices and tablets and apps.


Over 80% of US internet users download or stream video at least once a month. We’ll help you reach your key customers through programmatic video advertising, a cost-effective solution that uses technology, data, and real-time bidding to target ads to people who are likely to be in the market for your products and services as they browse the web on desktop and mobile devices




  • Same sight, sound and motion experience as traditional TV
  • Reaches multi-taskers as they consume content through multiple devices
  • More measurable and targetable than television – similar audience targeting capabilities as digital display advertising